Women’s cut & style
Children’s (under 12)
Special event styling
Special event makeup

Bridal Packages

Providing “On-Site” & “In-Salon”
bridal services for hair and makeup.

Wedding Day “In- Salon”

Hair for bride
Makeup for bride
Hair for bridal party member​(depending on length)
Makeup for bridal party member(lashes included)

Wedding Day “On-location”

Hair for bride
Makeup for bride
Hair for bridal party member​(depending on length)
Makeup for bridal party member(lashes included)

Engagement Shoots

Similar to our “trial run preview”
all engagement shoots-hair and makeup
done at @ Propaganda Salon
*travel fees are included in pricing for each artists
*gratuity is not included


Base Color
T section
Men’s 5 minute Camo
911 Corrective color emergency requires a one to one consultation.
$95 -$120+


Voluptuous swirls & curls
(humidity & frizz resistant perms)
Smooth move (soften your curls & straighten)
Keratin treatments



$125 -$250

hair extensions requires a one- on- one consultation

Lash Extensions

First full set $85

Refill $35+

Call for free consultation.


Intense conditioning
Urban detox

(removes chlorine & product buildup)


Lip or chin

*all prices are subject to change

Next to a dreamy wedding gown, having the right hair style and make-up will make your dreams reality.
Our talented hair stylists and makeup artists are up on the latest trends, use high-quality, name brands and offer hypo-allergenic products. Our team is trained in all hair and skin types to ensure everyone is comfortable and looking their best when the photographer shows up and throughout the celebration. Your groom and his pals are taken care of here, too. Our barber will treat the men to a great hair cut, shave or facial-hair trim. To finish off their time in our private section, our manicurists will make it a pleasure when they ask your hand to dance.Let us meet your party, see your dream book, and discuss your vision. We’ll make sure the hair and make-up compliment the faces, gowns, and dresses. We will have everyone looking stunning in all the pictures all the time. Vigorous dancers love our styles!!Keep these tips in mind.
1. Choose a classic hair style over something too trendy. Elegant wedding pictures are timeless.
2. This is not the occasion to try that new hair color or radical cut. 3. Eye-make should be striking; more is not always better. 4. Spray tan at least 2 weeks prior.
Remember, any skin color appears darker next to white. 
5. Book your time here as early as possible. We do not want to miss your special day!The Team at Propaganda Salon is always excited to be part of a bride’s big day. Let’s get together and create your picture-perfect day based on your ideas. Bring your party in to chat over tasty refreshments as we plan your wedding look together, at our place or yours!8680113_orig8390563_orig